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World Food Day


World Food Day Every year, people celebrate World Food Day. Its main goal is to remind us of the millions of people who are malnourished for many reasons.Climate changes, wars, transitions and lack of money due to a lack of jobs are the most common reasons. This year’s campaign points out the fact that all […]

Benefits of cooking at home

benefits of cooking at home ,two eggs and a blue cup with white dots on a wooden board and a jaf of flour behind, on the side a bouquet of tulips in a vase on the kitchen table

The Wholesome Advantage: Exploring the Incredible Benefits of Cooking at Home Eating is a very important part of our everyday life. Even though people sometimes take food for granted, it is not that simple. In this text, you will read about benefits of cooking at home. Throughout the centuries people have cooked meals that could […]

Smart shopping at the supermarket

5 tips for budget friendly shopping Key tips for shopping When it comes to cooking your own food, the first thought that crosses everyones’ mind is that all the ingredients must be purchased and that is the first step to budget friendly shopping. People with long shopping experience do smart shopping. That way they save […]