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3 things for better October days

3 things for betterr October days

OCTOBER -3 things for better October days A couple of days ago, even though it is the middle of October, I looked out of the window and actually saw nothing, because it was a foggy morning and the autumn was knocking at the door,so I  started thinking of all the good things that this period of the year brings to all of us, and I instantly got in a good mood, as nothing can rise me better than good thoughts. There are some things that you must pay attention to if you want to feel good in autumn, so although this is a food blog, I cannot skip the facts that all of us should know, and as I am well aware that there are so many good things to do during this period, I point out only a few of them. So,here are 3 things for better October days. Skin care- 3 things for better October days The summer is behind you and this is the right time to pay attention to your skin that has been exposed to the sun for so many days during the previous period, that it definetly needs a serious care. Do not forget the low temperature, strong winds and cold air which can damage your skin, so my advice is to visit a cosmetician and prepare your skin for the period to come. Therefore, on the next link you can read more about skin care: Exercise-3 things for better October days Many people do not exercise during the summer and  they find so many reasons for skipping the good exercise, and one of the reasons is the heat. Maybe you belong to a group of people who prefer walking, swimming and enjoying all the summer sports activities, and actually avoid going to the gym during the hot period of the year, so it is now the time to start doing some indoor exercises, so contact your local fitness coach and start exercising as soon as possible. Some of us have already done it! Food-3 things for better October days Clothes is always adapted to the weather conditions, and you should do the same with the way of eating, so if you continue eating the same as you did during the summer,it would be equal to wearing a swimsuit when the temperature is low. Meals should provide energy for this period of the year, therefore you should eat food that will keep the balance of your hormones, make your immune system stronger, give your body energy and make you feel good all day along. These are 3 things for better October days! Ingredients that should be on your menu in October Vegetables-carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, sweet potato Green vegetables– broccoli, kale, parsnip, celery, arugula, artichokes Oats– rice, quinoa, oats, millet Fruit-apples, plums, pears Fish-sea bass, codfish Herbs– ginger, curcuma, cinnamon, rosemary, basil Legumes-beans, soya Ideas for a one day menu In the text that follow you will  get an idea of how to create meal for one day in October, which will help you create your meals according to your needs. Furthermore, you will get some simple meals ideas, which will definitely make your days! Breakfast- Oat meal porridge Oat meal porridge. You can start your day with a healthy, instant and cheap meal and you will feel full of energy, but at the same time as light as a feather. Ingredients:  three tbsp. oat meal  one cup almond milk (or any milk of your choice)  one grinded apple  one tsp. cinnamon  a bit of ginger  ten nuts (almond, walnut or any nut of your choice) Mix all the ingredients the evening before and enjoy your breakfast as soon as you wake up. Lunch-soup and fish This soup is a great choice for a low-budget, healthy and easy meal that will make your body refresh instantly. Ingredients for soup:  carrot  onion  parsnip  potato  celery. Cut all the ingredients and cook for about half an hour. Put the cooked vegetables in a blender and make the smooth mixture. In a pan, melt one tsp. of butter and it will give the best taste to the soup. Put back the mixture of vegetables and water and let it boil. In the meantime, put some salt, pepper and any dry seasoning that you like. Put a fish of your choice in a frying pan and fry it for 10 minutes on each side,and it will be done until the soup is cooked. When it is finished, squeeze half a lemon over it and season it with a pinch of salt and some rosemary. Dinner –salad with different kinds of vegetables and a boiled egg What can be better for a light dinner than a healthy salad meal? Make a wonderful mixture of arugula, grinded carrot, lettuce and one boiled egg, then put some basilica and olive oil over it and enjoy the healthy instant dinner. This is my suggestion for a one day October menu. Remember: Beside the 3 things about October, it is good to have some of the ingredients stored in your refrigerator and ready for use, so once or twice a week you should:  shred carrots, cabbage, celery , apple, or any fruit and vegetables that you plan to use wash and dry lettuce  slice peppers ( I even sliced onions in advance)  cook some rice or millet  fry some chicken  Your meal will be prepared in no time if  you have ingredients ready, therefore do not postpone going shopping once a week. Use that time to walk down the alleys of a supermarket or a farmers’ market to enjoy in the colours of autumn, which are also very trendy for clothes,and you may as well get some ideas for a new dress or a coat. October brings so many healthy and tasty products, so do instant autumn cooking with a smile!