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About me

Hi, welcome to Cookingwizz

“Rich is the one who is willing to share”

The CookingWizz helps people of all ages to make their life easier when it comes to cooking. This text is about me, the author of this blog.

Hi, my name is Alexandra, but everybody calls me Alex. I am a primary school teacher. I enjoy discovering new places, reading books, watching movies on TV and at the cinema; I love theatre and all kinds of social events.

My hobby is preparing food.

The idea of creating a blog on cooking occurred many years ago. After a lot of doubts, sleepless nights and debating, here it is finally on the broad day light. Easy, healthy and cheap meal is not an Enigma any more. With CookingWizz people can have more free time for other activities. As I wrote in the very first paragraph, I want to share my experience with you. I wish to help you in organizing the kitchen activities. Everyone can become a wizard in his or her kitchen.

I always wanted to be sure that my family eats healthy. Throughout the years I created my own cookbook that consists of easy, healthy and cheap meals. I learned how to can food, as well as to prepare half ready meals and store them in the freezer. In the texts that follow, I will lead you through my cooking secrets.

About my goals

Family is the most important cell of the society. Keeping your loved ones near you is the greatest blessing. When the family gathers in the dining room, enjoying a tasty dinner and shares an emotion, that is priceless, don’t you agree? A tasty meal can melt the hardest heart.

If you live alone, please do not hesitate to read my blog. You will find many interesting solutions for instant meals and saving money tips.

Have more time for yourself, enjoy the activities you like. Thank you for reading about me.

The following link is one of my favourite food blogs.

Mission :

Do your cooking with a smile!