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Fillet in a phyllo pastry

5 reasons to make fillet in a phyllo pastry

Fillet in a phyllo pastry is a tasty meal that will impress your family every time you prepare it.

Fillet is very soft part of meat and therefore very tasty when it is prepared properly. There are many reasons to make it in your own kitchen, and here are some:

  1. It is so simple to prepare it and you do not need to worry that it will not turn out right
  2. You can fill the pastry with ingredients of your choice, or without the filling if you like it that way
  3. Leftovers are as tasty as the first day, you can eat it cold and it remains tasty
  4. You can make it over and over especially when you are busy to prepare some complicated meal
  5. It is cheap because for 2 persons you need only one fillet.
fillet with vegetables decorated with rosemary

Fillet is a part of meat that has no bones, from near the loins of the animal. It is one of the main ingredients for kitchens all over the world. 100 g contains about 300 cal.

This recipe is for beginners, but everyone who makes this meal will look so professional!


  • one fillet (pork or veal)
  • phyllo pastry 
  • mushrooms
  • spices
  • oil


If you purchase the phyllo pastry at the supermarket, defrost it and spread it in the square shape. Othervise, you can make it yourself but it is easier this way.

Slice mushrooms and put them on the pastry.

Spice the fillet with oil,salt,  pepper, parcley and other spices by your choice.

Put the fillet on the pasty and roll it.

Use the casserole with a baking paper if you want to be with no fat, or put some oil on the bottom.

Preheat the oven to 400F/200C and bake it for 1 hour.


In the video, you can see how I prepared it.