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5 tips how to shop for winter holidays

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5 tips how to shop for winter holidays

Holiday time is at the doorstep, and we have to think of so many things, such as decorating the house, purchasing presents for our family and friends and preparing food for the days that come. 5 tips how to shop for winter holidays will help you to do all the necessary preparations with a smile. Make your days relaxed and let some money stay in your pockets for the further events.

1st tip: Shopping mistakes

The worst thing a person can make is to go shopping without a plan.It is now the right moment to start shopping for the holidays. Two weeks before is the ideal timing to make a shopping list for the food that you plan to make.

If you do your shopping after work, when you are tired and hungry, there will be a bigger chance to buy something that you do not need. Go home, have a rest, eat some healthy meal and you can go shopping with no stress.

When you are in a shopping mall or a supermarket, do not fall for commercials that simply have the purpose to suck your money out of your pocket. Stick to the list that you have made at home.

2nd tip: Be smart

Before you make your shopping list, think of the meals that you would like to have on your holiday menu. Try to answer to some questions before you make a list of meals. Here are some of my questions but you can aways add some more.

What are your family’s favourite sweets?

Do they like turkey or lamb?

How many people are there in your family?

Are there any guests coming? If so, is anyone alergic to some ingredients?

When you answer all these questions, you can start making your menu list.

3rd tip: Menu list

This is a large topic, and deserves to have its own post, but let me write some basic facts. First of all, think of the number of days that you are going to spend at home.  

Your favourite pie should definitely be on the list, because now it is the time to make something that you really like.

Lamb, pork, turkey, it is up to you. Along with a tasty mashed potatoes or just potatoes from the oven it can be a great meal.

Salads made of macaronni, frozen vegetables, or potatoes are also a good choice because they can be stored an consuned for a couple days.

What is the favourite family cake? Prepare it and eat it with no regrets.

As you see, I mentioned only a few things that you can make, Of course, this list can be endless, but  am sure that you don’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen.

Holidays are days for family gathering, watching some good movie staying up late and getting up late.

so, with the good choice of meals, you can easily make a shopping list for the ingredients.

Click on he link to see the shopping list

4th tip: Important to know

With the finished shopping list you are ready to purchase ingredients. Before you go to a supermarket or a farmer’s market, check your storage room, freezer, kitchen drawers and all other places where you keep food. there is a big chance that you already have someof the ingredients at home, so it is good to use them before the expiration date. That way you will save your money and you will not have to throw the food.

Take a look athe the video in the link below if you want to shop smart and avoid the crowd

5th tip: Where do you actually spend your holidays?

You may now ask yourself what kind of question is this. But, if you plan to visit your family, parents, friends, or simply if you are going on a trip, then you should adjust your shopping list to that. Less meals at home means less ingredients to shop for holiday cooking! 

Shop smart for the meals that you will actually prepare. If you purchase more, there is a possibility that some of the food will end up in the trash, especially fresh fruit and vegetables cannot stay in your kitchen very long.


Final advice for 5 tips how to shop for winter holidays

After the winter holidays, when you go back to your regular activities, you will look back at the past days and sum the past period. Those who spent a lot of money will find January the longest month. Hopefully, it will not be you.

Shop smart, and enjoy cooking with CookingWizz!