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Sour cherry-a perfect match for your pie

Sour cherry – a perfect match for your pie

From June to early August, you can find the most wonderful sour cherries for the delicious sour cherry pie at the supermarket, or, even
better, at the farmer’s market. It would be the best to have a tree on your own in your garden, of course
if you live in the right climate. They are also called tart cherries, and they differ from sweet cherries (as
their names say, the first ones are more acidic and tart when you taste them). 

Sour cherry-facts 

They are very low in calories, about 50 for one cup with pits,, and very  high in vitamins A and C. As you
already know, counting calories is not my primary goal, but sometimes I point out that data to let you know
the main characteristics of the product. Of course, it is always good to know basic facts.

Sour cherry -how to do smart shopping

As you all know, I love going smart shopping. Throughout the years, I have learned which period of the
year is “the peak” for some product, so I suggest you do the same. Go to the farmer’s market and buy sour
cherries when they are the cheapest. I usually purchase 20 lbs and I clean out the pits out of them. That way
I get 20 bags of frozen sour cherries that are ready to use during the winter and I use them in smoothies,
pies, juices and for healthy breakfasts.
You probably think that it is hard and boring to take out the pits of this many sour cherries. Yes, you are
right, but I use the pits extractor and it is finished in about two hours. Of course, you can always buy less and
do everything faster. I buy this much because we really enjoy the taste of sour cherries during the winter
time. There is always the most expensive way, to go to the supermarket any time and buy frozen sour
cherries but they are much more expensive, but with CookingWizz you will find the cheapest way to enjoy
this gorgeous fruit.

On the next link, you can read more about the Pitch extractor

You can prepare easy, cheap fast and healthy things from sour cherries. I have made them many times and my family always asks for more. Enjoy
cooking with CookingWizz!


Sour cherry pie recipe

This pie is very tasty and so easy to make. It is cheap and healthy, and it can stay in the refrigerator for a
couple days and it will not change the taste. With all ingredients ready, it will take you 10 minutes to
prepare. This amount of ingredients is enough for three or four rolls of pie.

This recipe is from Romania and Moldova, but also adored in the other parts of southeastern Europe.

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-3 cups of sour cherries (without pits)
-12 tbs. each- sugar, oil, grits
-12 Greek baklava crusts


1. Spread one tbsp. of oil, one tbsp. of grits and one tbsp. of sugar on one crust. Put another
crust over it. Repeat the procedure four times. Put one cup of sour cherries on the last crust.
2. Roll it and place it in an oiled pan. Put some oil on the top crust.
3. Heat the oven to 430F and bake it for about 20 minutes. Lower the heat to 400 F and bake it
for another 20 minutes.
4. Take it out from the oven and let it cool under the clean cloth.
5. When it is cooled, cut it and spread with powder sugar and cinnamon. This is optional, but I
love the smell of cinnamon so I use it often in my desserts.