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5 tips for budget friendly shopping

Key tips for shopping 

When it comes to cooking your own food, the first thought that crosses everyones’ mind is that all the
ingredients must be purchased and that is the first step to budget friendly shopping. People with long shopping experience do smart shopping. That way they
save money and time. There are some rules that should be followed. Of course, all of us probably have
some of our own rules that we follow when it comes to this topic. In the text that follows there are
some basic rules for smart shopping at the supermarket. It is always good to remind ourselves of them.

shopping chart with a bottke and a lemon, vegetables in the back

5 rules for smart shopping at the supermarket

Rule number 1: 

Make your shopping list in advance. A good plan for shopping comes after the cooking
plan for a certain period of time (usually for the week). Check out your refrigerator, drawers, and
cupboards. You will probably be surprised when you reach out to the back of the cupboard and find a jar
of peanut butter or something else. It is not necessary to store food in large amounts-why should
anyone spend his or her money and risk to throw something away because the date expired.

Rule number2: 

Involve the whole family in the shopping plan. That way the children start learning from
the very young age about the importance of planning for shopping, and later on they will learn to make
cooking plans along with their parents.

Rule number 3(This is actually my rule number 1)

 Never go shopping for food when you are hungry. The
person who has eaten a regular meal before going shopping will probably pay attention to the details
such as the price, the expiration date, etc. A hungry shopper will purchase so many unnecessary things.

Rule number 4: 

There are so many things on sale, but that does not mean that you should purchase
something that you actually do not need. Of course, if the item that you have already put on the list is
on sale, put It in your chart with a smile!

Rule number 5: 

Use coupons and enjoy the refund at the end of your shopping activity.
It is very important to set a certain amount of money for shopping and to stick to it as much as possible.
Every family, depending of the number of its members, can approximately tell how much money they
need for food in a period of time. Shopping should not be done only in one place, as there are so many
stores that offer the same product at different price. Shop smart, it will save you money and make your
cooking more enjoyable.