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Cooking plan

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We are all aware of the importance of food. What we eat is truly connected to how we feel. People try to find the easiest and the healthiest way of cooking for themselves. In my blog, I will show you some of the easiest, healthiest and cheapest meals. CookingWizz will share the best examples and experiences for  cooking plan preparation, so you can enjoy spending time in your kitchen.

Preparing food can be a great pleasure if you know that you are doing something good for your family. As I wrote in my previous texts, the most important thing is to organize yourself according to your needs.

Ideas for a good cooking plan

If your family consists of more members, you have to make your cooking plan preparation smart, so that everybody is happy. How in the God’s name you do that? I will write how I did it. It was,however, not easy to do. Of course, when you make some wrong decisions sometimes, you try to fix them the next time you do your plan. It is ok to make mistakes in everything, but, as someone once said “whoever does something, makes mistakes. It is better to do and make mistake which you can correct, than do nothing at all”.

CookingWizz will help you to make your preparation easier. When making a cooking plan, you have to think of all the facts: age, sex, job, illnesses or food intolerance. The best way of saving your time (and money) is to do a weekly shopping at the local farmers’ market and a big supermarket if you are a busy person yourself.

Final tip!

Make a list for every member of your family according to his or her needs. For example, if you like to eat apples and bananas for a snack, put three apples and four bananas for you. Do the same for your children or partner by asking them  what kind of fruit they would like to have for the week that follows. That’s it! Snack list done!

If you want to make a plan for shopping, take a look at the link below, and you can get the idea:

I must admit that I usually buy a bit more over the list because I like to have a lot of fruit in my kitchen. There are moments when I realize that it is not going to be eaten while fresh, so I have a backup plan. I make some smoothies or other quick and healthy meals because I don’t like to throw food in the trash can. In the blogs that follow, I will write some easy recipes on this topic.

Family shopping

Take your children shopping with you. This sounds hard when you think of the kids running through the isles and always asking for something to buy,but when you think of the money you will save on the babysitting for that time and of course stick to your plan!

 You can have a Shopping for food planner in your mobile phone. You can also simply put a sticker in your kitchen and write down the things you are short of. This way  you can always add something to your list during the week.

There is also a very useful plan for the week and you can see it on the following link:

In the texts that follow, you will find some great easy, cheap and healthy meals. I love to share and I hope that you will find my ideas useful. Enjoy in cooking and reading CookingWizz!